Tech from Students’ Perspective

BLMS students: what have you learned so far in your computer classes? Is it a good thing that you are taking the class? Why or why not? What additional thoughts do you have to share about technology? Looking forward to reading your comments. Dr. Rhoads


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161 Responses to Tech from Students’ Perspective

  1. graysonl says:

    So far I’ve learned how to manage a Wiki, how to detect a scam, how to be safe on a social network, and how to blog. I think it’s good I’m taking this class because computers are a big part in your life weather your talking to your boss or your managing your stocks. I think that it’s a fun exiting course and I love it!

    P.S. You didn’t capitolize Tech in your title.

    • dhrhoads says:

      I didn’t capitalize any any words in the title on that one.. I will capitalize it for you 🙂

      Sounds like you have learned some wonderful things.

      Thanks for your comment and keep learning!

  2. jalynnw says:

    You need o capitalize Tech in you title.
    I have learned how to use the computer and socializing sites properly. I think this is a good class for students to take because it teaches you to be careful and think about what you do and post before u do it. I’m looking forward to learning more in this class.

  3. Jacob (Jake) S says:

    You need to capitalize tech and students. I’ve learned about Cyberbullying and how to stay away from scams. It’s a very good thing that I’m taking this class because I want to learn about technology. I plan to get a scholarship in technology or art. I have both classes so I’m in good shape.

  4. ShanaE says:

    In tech class so far i have learned how to link an assinment to another website.Yes its a good thing that I am taking tech class because it wold help me in the future .Technology can be fun if you know what you are doing.

  5. Brendenk. says:

    tech is great I have learned alot of new stuff about tech. Im learning how to make

  6. Patrick C, says:

    You did not capitilize the what in the begining of your post. That is all I saw.

  7. Brandon y says:

    I think having this class is good because we learn to make our own websites thats is cool. We can also learn about the 22nd century.

  8. Ashleigh H says:

    I LOVE my computer classes. I think its a good thing that we’re taking this class. We have learned about blogging and phishing and how to create websites and today Mr. Woodring said we are going to build our sites and that sounds cool. I love technology at home and at school so this class is really good for me.

  9. LaurenD says:

    So far in Comp. Tech, I have learned how to link something, make a blog, and alot more stuff. That is what I have laened to do so far this year in Comp. Tech.

  10. Dylan Y says:

    We have learned how to use Wiki Spaces, Edmodo, and Kidblog. We have to write blog posts and turn in assignments n the computer. I think it is a good thing because it gives us a chance to learn how to use these websites. It is fun and I like to use edmodo because it’s like facebook.

  11. Marcus G says:

    We have learned how to blog safely and keep personal information safe from phishers.
    I think it is perfect that I am taking this class. I like taking this class because I am always on the computer making accounts and now I am learning to stay safe when I do sign-ups. I thnk this is amazing and fun place to learn.

  12. Brianna J. says:

    I have learned briefly about cybersafety, how to create links, and i have used edmodo, kidblog, and wikispaces. Yes I think it is a good thing that I am taking this class because there are good life lessons, and good teaching.

    Thank You

  13. Victoria W. says:

    I have learned, in Computer Tech, how to post a blog, link, and how to put the right thing online. Yes, it is a good thing to have this class because we learn how to use technology.

  14. Alura M. says:

    I have learned how to prevent phishing, how to make my own website, and how to use Edmodo. I think it is a good thing I am taking this class because it will teach me how to prevent cyber-bullying and other harming things on the internet. I think this class is important because kids now days use technology so much that this class is important to learn how to protect themselves on the computer.

  15. In computer class I have learned how to be safe on the internet, and how to post a blog, also I learned how to create a website,and how to link a link. It is a good thing that I took this class because if I never took this class I would not know how to be safe on the internet. Some educational thoughts that I have is that maybe we should have educational games and take videos of us (if we have permission) and make a video on everything that we learned here in computer tech.

  16. Madison K. says:

    In computer tech class I have learned to blog , make links , and much more. Yes, it is a good thing I am in computer tech class. It has taught me a lot about cyber safety. I am very much enjoying computer tech. Thankyou for taking the time to read all of our comments. : )

  17. Eric.k says:

    In computer tech I have learnd alot how to blog, turn in assignments to Edmodo, cyber safty, and much more. Thing you for taking the time out to talk to me

  18. Cooper M says:

    I have learnd how to link things to other websites. No it is not a good thing that i am talking in class because i can not consentrate. I would like to learn how to us a flash drive. Reply to Cooper Morgan.

    • dhrhoads says:

      Cooper, please only post your first name. Keep working to concentrate. When you focus your attention I am sure you will be able to fully understand and enjoy the course. Keep a positive attitude and do your best.

  19. jabriel r says:

    I know how to link somthing to mr.woodring and i have turend all my home work in to him and it s fun to blog to frinds and do home work online.

  20. HaleyB says:

    I have learned that you need to be careful when posting information about yourself. Yes it is very important for me to take the class because I am very slow on the computer. I feel like everyone should be more aware about what they are posting and to aviod phishing use your common sense.

  21. Josh F. says:

    I have learned how to work with websites way faster than before, and I’m already getting better at typing. It’s good that I’m in this class because I’m learning how many things can happen that could almost ruin your life all because of phishers and other people trying to steal your information. And it’s one of my favorite classes!

  22. carlos says:

    i think it an awesome idea. because we get to learn lots of stuff like how to be safe and stuff your friend Carlos

  23. Maddy G. says:

    I have learned many things in computer tech class so far, from cyber safety, to how to crate a new website. It is a grate thing that I am taking this class because I wanted to learn more about computers this year and this class is grate for my expectations. Technology is amazing and how much we have changed because of it is even grater. There is so much to learn and I am excited to finish this class.

  24. juliet o says:

    We have learned how to use Edmodo, Kidblog, and create our own websites on Wikispaces. it is a good thing we are taking this class because it is teaching things thst we will need as we grow up.

  25. Ruby M says:

    I think it is a good thing we are taking Computer Tech but I do not like it because I am having a hard time understanding it. we are learning about blogs, edmodo, wedsites ect.
    Ruby M 🙂

  26. ZacharyN says:

    computer tech is fun and easy at the same time.
    i should know because iam doing the best in the whole CompTech 3A F10.

  27. Kevin P says:

    In computer class I learn so far how to make links and how to turn in assignments.I think it is a good thing that I am takeing this class because I am learning how to do thing I didnt know how to do. I like being in computer class it is a very fun class.

  28. Brayan M says:

    I have learned many thing so far in this class since school started and now I now how to link pages and I think it is a good class because you can learn many new things like cyber bulling or things like that and I will try my best to learn more wonderful things

  29. Roderick M says:

    I have learned how to use Edmodo, Wikispaces and kidsblog. It is a good thing I am taking this class because I get to lear nnew stuff about technology each time I come to Computer tech on A-Days. I have ways to learn how to blog properly on the internet.

  30. Keely Y. says:

    We have learned how to make links and blogs. Yes because i need help with links and blogs. What I know about technology is a little bit about computers. about the mother board and the mouse but that is all.

  31. Ashley S. says:

    We have learned how to post links to our wesites and we learned how to blog.It is a good thing that we are taking this class, because when we grow up and we have to work on the computer to do file work then we already know how to link and blog.My thoughtts are that teachnology is a great way to learn new stuff that we can do on the computer and how to stay safe.

  32. sean p says:

    I have learned about how toblog on a website, I think its a good thing that Im taking this class because i hav always wanted to learn about tech,my additional thoughts are to make a club called robotics where we can use comp. to robots. This is my comment.

  33. HollyN says:

    we learned about lots of things like we made an edmodo page plus a kidblog and wikispaces.I dont think talking is good because some times people cant work when other people are talking.

  34. Fatimah C says:

    I learned about Edmodo ,kidsblog and wikispace .com. I like his class very much. Its fun.

  35. Frank cazales says:

    What i leared in computer class is a lot that i never know .But this 1st quter i will leared every thing Mr. woodring will teach us. Its a good thing because i get touble with my computer at home. So i real enjoy teachnology with Mr.Woodring.

  36. Ricardo c says:

    I learned how to blog about stuff in our computertech class and it is realy fun to have a Wikispaces,Edmodo,Kidblog.

  37. Kameron w says:

    We learned about edmodo,how to blog and publish our assignments from kidblog to edmodo,we also did wikispaces its alot of fun in tech.

  38. Alexander Z says:

    Well i have learned alot from tech like know i know how to do a link.I love tech cause im going to learn new things. I cant wait to do a video

  39. Deivy L says:

    Dear Dr. Rhoads,
    what i’ve been learning in computer classes are awesome. I got to create a link on edmodo. Edmodo is a place were teachers and students influence the technology of computers. Thank you Dr.Rhoads for choosing Mr. Woodring as my tech teacher

  40. Aimee D. says:

    What i learned so far in Compuer Tech class is how people like to scam you by sending fake emails or calling you saying you have too pay for something, like a car. This is a good thing Im taking this class becuase I can post things that I should. I really dont have any additional thoughts about technology.

  41. Michael H. says:

    We have learned about privacy and ID theft.

  42. andrew says:

    I like the blog

  43. Karla D says:

    Since we started we have learned about identy theft and about edmodo. We also learned how to insert links in things. It is a good thing that we are taking a computer class so we can learn about new technology and about things we didnt know about. We will learn about power points and typing and other cool stuff!

    Karla D.

  44. Jimmy S. says:

    Yes because it teaches u more about computers, and how to avoid idenity theifs and viruses. My opionon i think thats a good thing for us to learn because most of us use computersalot at home.

  45. Garrett D. says:

    I have learned a little bit in computer tech. We use Edmodo and kidblog ALOT! Somtimes to much! I think we should learn more about computers instead of writing blog posts Every A day. We have learned about computer saftey. I thought it was very interesting. I didnt know there are that many ways people can steal your identity! I think its an okay thing that im taking this class, because i get to learn more about computers. Technology is very advance. I dont have any thoughts to share about technology.

  46. kyler says:

    its ok the class is fun sorta.

  47. christopherm says:

    So far, the class is alright. Sometimes people might get mad about how to do the assignment. But it get’s better

  48. Thomas T says:

    I have learned much about internet safety and learned how to link as well as well as much more. I believe it is important because it helps our learning.

  49. Conor M says:

    I am enjoying this class because it shows me how I can work my computer in the correct manner. I think students should be required to take this class because it protects us from SPAM. I hope we get to a subject about E-mail.

  50. Hayley C. says:

    We have learned about how to use edmodo and kid blog. we also learned about web safety and how to avoid fichers and identity theft.

  51. Rhyan M says:

    So far we’ve learned a lot about computer safety, identity theft and 9/11. We’ve learned how to link posts, blog, customize our spaces and other things. I like the cals. It’s helped alot and it’s so much fun.

  52. Adam S says:

    So far I have learned how to post blog posts and use words as links. I think that it is a good thing that we are taking this class because we can learn how to make websites and be more educated about computers so we can get jobs as computer workers if we want to.

  53. David F. says:

    We have learned about spam mail and cybersafety. we also learned how to protect our identity. This is a good class to take because it helps use stay safe.

  54. valentina p. says:

    I lerand that our identity could be stolen. But I also learnd that we can stop that from happening . And wat is wrong with messages that try to steall things like that and why they do.

  55. Caleb J. says:

    We ‘ve bean learnig about how to use websites and what to do on them. yes, because im geting better at using the computer. None at this present time.

  56. Skye F says:

    We have learned about cybersafety, how to be safe on the computer and how to protect our identity. We also each have an edmodo profile and in that we complete assignments in the form of blogs and then we copy the URL and turn that in and he grades us on it. So far I have a 100 in his class this year. I think it is a good thing that I am taking this class becsuse I am learning more about computers that I never knew about like wikispaces and edmodo. I want to learn more about typing though beacuse that is not my best quality. Thanks. See Ya in School.

  57. andrew says:

    I think that this computer tech class is good. I have learned to use technology more. I think that this class is useful because then we learn to use technology more responsibly. We also learn to do more stuff and find things online.

  58. Bianca V says:

    I am so thrilled to have Mr. Woodring as my Computer Tech teacher. He has been such a help to the whole class. I have learned that there’s phishing going around and we have got to be careful on what we say or do. Yes , yes I think this class is a good thing because we get to learn even more new stuff on technology and it’s been helping me every time I even think about going online. I have learned alot on the settings of a computer and all the websites and phishers. The school has made interesting new websites and it’s exciting to see that. (:

  59. Shari C. says:

    So far in Computer Tech. I have learned how to link websites, how to protect our identity from theives, and of course, write blogs. I think its a really good thing that we have these classes because when we grow up, a lot of jobs will require to know how to use a computer or how to write blogs. So far I think Computer Tech is fun and I hope I get to learn alot more new things later on. =)

  60. Alexa D. says:

    Computer Tech So Far

    So far we have learned some pretty useful information. We have learned about cyber saftey and how you could lose your identity on the internet. I love computer tech and i think it is great for me to be taking this class because it could help me learn useful skills and information.I think technology has improved over the yaers and i love to use it because it is very helpful towrd your everyday life. Although some of this technology is not very useful. For instince because advanced technology is provided in stores it could some how make it easier for criminals to steal information from you or maybe your identity. So i know from Mr. Woodring’s teachings that you neeed to be smart while using the internet.
    – Alexa:)

  61. Brianna I. says:

    So far I have learned alot in school. Stuff that I all ready know and things that I dont know.In E.L.A I have learned steams and alot of reading things. Also in math what squared is and cubed and alot more that I would put down but it would be really long.I think it is a good thing that I am taking this class, because it is teaching me diffrent things about computers and how to do things on the computer.The thoughts that I have is that it is fun.

  62. Amber L says:

    In my computer class so far we have learned about blogs and how to write them we also have learned a little bit about cyber saftey. Yes, I think it is good we are taking this class because we are learning useful information that we may use during are life time. I think during the time I am taking this computer class I will learns lots of new things that I may need one day.

  63. Caitlin T says:

    So far in my computer class I have learned how to write a blog, make a website, and how to use Edmodo. I think that it is a good thing we are taking this class because you have to know how to use a computer for many jobs. Another reason why i think it is good for us to take this class is the world is using computers more and more. I think Mr.Woodring is doing a good job at teaching us how to use the computer and how to do certain things on the internet.

  64. Victoria .W says:

    I have learned how to insert links && how to properly make a blog post. I have no idea why or why not this class would be bad to take but from my opinion its an okay class. Additional thoughts.? nope.

    • dhrhoads says:

      Keep thinking. I bet you will come up with some additional thoughts over the rest of your time in the course. Also go to and take a look around the Mustang homepage!

  65. charles T says:

    in computer tech we have learned about identity theft,how to create a web page and lots of other things. I think it’s a good thing that were taking this class because we learn more about technology. I think it’s great.

  66. jammariw says:

    i have learned about blogs and fake emails to take all your suff

  67. Matthew J says:

    so far in computer class we have learned about identity theft and we watched a video about the diffrence between a file and a Lama. We also got an Edmodo and a kidblog, we have been writing blogs about different thing also.
    I think it is a good thing that we are in this class because we get to learn about different things like how to write a blog post and how to fix and do diffferent things.
    I don’t have anny thing to share about Technology.

  68. Abby B. says:

    I have learned how to do a blog post and how to make my own website. Yes,it is a good thing that I am taking the class because it helps me learn better when i am doing things on the computer and that is what he has done in this class. Technology is something that has many different things with it. There are many different things you can do wih it and different ways you can do it.

  69. Dustin M says:

    So far in coputer tech I have learnd how to make my own web site. We also learnd how to be safe from criminals and people that want our money. For the first time I learnd how to make a link also.

  70. Caleb R. says:

    In my computer class so far we learned about new websites and kidsblog. Yes i like computer class it’s very cool to learn about new stuff and its fun to do all the activits and assignments because you can do it while being online. I’m intrested in what new stuff were gonna do in this class and what new websites we might learn about thats really all i have to say about computer class.

  71. James S. says:

    Well so far in my computer class we have learned how to write blogs,make websites,and how to use edmodo.I really like Computer Tech class because it makes you smarter as far as technology is concerned. Yes it is a good thing that i am taking this class because i really like computers and learning new things on them. I really am intrested in keeping this class on my schedule.

  72. Victoria U. says:

    So far in Computer Tech, I have learned about Identity Theif – also known as Cyber Crime – and how to protect myself from it. Yes it is a good thing I am taking this class because, I’m really into technology and want to learn as much as I can about computers. I think technology is extremely useful and exciting.

  73. Emma C. says:

    I have learned a lot this year so far in Mr.Woodrings computer class such as how to write a blog at first I didnt know what the point of a blog is or whats its for, but Mr. Woodring taught us how. I think that it is a very good thing that I am taking this computer class because i knew a lot about computers but now i gwt to learn more and my mom does’nt really know a lot about computers so I can teach her somr things about them Im her tech surrport. I like this class alot because I like using computer and i love to type, this class is fun!!!

  74. Zeke.R. says:

    We have learned how to make an Edmodo account and a kid blog account. We have made blogs about world events. It is good that we are in this class because it teaches us about computers and how to use them. We can also use other technology later in the year. I am happy with what we are learning in this class.

  75. MaCcalia Swinton says:

    I have learned about online identity theft and phishing.

    Yes, it is a good thing that I am taking this class, because learning about computers and how they work is a good asset because what I want to be when I grow up requires you to know a little about computers.

  76. jose N says:

    So far in compter class is how to make our own websight.We also learned how to be safe from criminals who want our money.

  77. ian w says:

    Well first of all I have learned how to blog on a website. Plus I have learned how to link websites to what I have been blogging. We have also learned how to identify and stop identity theft through computers. In my opinion I think it is a good thing I am taking this class because I will need to do work on the computer in the future. I think everyone should take a computer class one year for a quater or semester.

  78. Savannah D says:

    I have learned to make links, blog post, and how to type faster. Also knew how to set up an Edmodo and to make a kids blog. The last thing is that i got tought how to make my own website called Wiki Spaces.

    Yes it is a good thing i am taking this class. Because i would have not learned the things i have i fell very lucky to be in this class.

    I have an additional and that is you should do what your told , don’t talk when Mr. Woodring is teaching. And just HAVE FUN!!!!

  79. Addison P. says:

    We have been learning about different technology and how to use it properly. Also, we have been learning about how to post things safely on the internet and make websites without showing personal information. It is a very helpful class because i never would have known how to do any of this kind of stuff. I am glad I am able to take this class so I know how to do this stuff.


  80. Chloe says:

    So far we learned about cyber bullying, blog post, and how to make a website. We have learned how to use a flash drive. Pur class has created an edmodo and a kid blog. Its fun doing these activities. I Think t’s a good thing for taking these classes because in the future you might have a job where you need to use a computer. some thought i have about technology is somtimes it can beboring, but then sometimes it can be fun. I like it when we work on our websites. That my oppinion on Technology!

  81. Michela says:

    I have learned how to make an Edmodo, a kidblog, and wikispaces. I have also learned about cyberbullying, cybersaftey, and phishing. It is a good thing I’m taking this class because it helps me learn about staying safe on the internet and using sites that help you to learn like Edmodo, kidblog, and wikispaces.

  82. Genesis says:

    Well so far we have learned about cyberbullying ,cyber safety,phishing ,how to make a web-site,flash drive,blog post ,edmodo,kidblog,blogging safety,wikispaces,identity theft, well i really enjoy having tech because your can learn new things about the internet and more about computers…. and if your computer gets messed up you can know how to fix it 🙂

  83. MACIE says:


  84. Preslie says:

    ummm well i like computer tech. It’s cool learning all sorts of different things about wesites and computers. I have learned about special websites for school to help teachers give students imformation and other things.

  85. Toni-ann says:

    ummmmm.I think that the tech class is nice and i learn more and more each week from the teacher.He teaches use alot of things.

  86. Anastasia says:

    i feel that we should try something totally new becuase all we do is focus on school with technology it’s not like when we grow up we’ll talk about school. And just because we don’t want to talk about school, does’nt mean we’ll talk about something innapropiate i think we should have more freedom. I learned how to use wikispaces also.

  87. jillian says:

    I like tech because we arent just learning how to type we arew learning how to bloge. We also are learning how to make web pages and web sites.

  88. Hayleigh S says:

    I think computer classes is a great course for us to take with Mr.Gordon. Mr.Gordon has taught us how to be safe, and create webpages/websites on tthe internet.

  89. Meleena says:

    I like our computer tech class. It is very fun, but I would like to do more than that .I was hope to learn how to make your own virtual games or mulit[player games online,but not to do virus games either.I want it to be fun. I like it when things are fun.
    I learn things faster.

  90. heaven says:

    i learned that poeple who make games to scam people into giving them theirr information is called phishing

  91. Madelinn says:

    I love my tech class and the stuff we learn. Such as, blogs and web pages. I love this school.

  92. Abiagil says:

    I have learn a lot so far. Computer class is hard but good . I’ve learn that there are websites called: , and . We had learned about cyberbulling, phishing, creating a website and a webpage.So that is what i have learned in Technology class. Oh , I almost for got I also learned about bloogging safety and cyber safety

  93. ianl says:

    Computer is a very useful subject.It is important because we learn about internet safety and we learned just recently how to blog.This is a very fun class.

    • ianl says:

      We also learned about edmodo,wikispaces,cyber safety,flashdrives,creating a website,identity theft,and much more.This class is important because it teaches us about safety and how to do other things.

  94. noelleg says:

    im new but so far ive learned how to manage wiki spaces and bloging and also learn more about internet saftey. 🙂

  95. maks says:

    we lerned how to make webpage and a blog and how to use edmodo

  96. emmanuel says:

    I love yor schlool it is goood

  97. emmanuel says:

    good schlool and good teachers

  98. jorge says:

    i love the school

  99. max says:


  100. Sydney B says:

    I learned about blogging. I also have learned about new websites like Edmodo and Wikispaces.

  101. Destiny says:

    Yes Dr.Rhoahds your right technology is fun, and i learned So much. Like websites such as,, I’ve also learned about phishing, cyberbully, and how to make a website. I think this is VERY interesting. I would be forward im to looking to your commets!

  102. ~YanaSwagg~ says:

    I learn how to make a website, to turn in typed hw assignements, learn how to work Edmodo,we learned how importand bullying(CyberBulling) was. I learned how find research on things. Thi sis what I learned so far in the year

  103. Cameron says:

    I’ve learned about cyberbullying, Edmodo, Kidblog, and Identity Theft. I think it is a good thing because I have already learned so much.

  104. michael says:

    i leaned how to make my onw website. i leaned not to bull online.leaned how to post blogs.i made an edmodo page to.

  105. James says:

    I think we are learning a great deal of important things like, phishing, cyber-bullying, and blogging. All of these things will be important during our lines of work. I love taking the class and I love using computers.

    Compliments to Mr. Gordon and Dr. Rhodes

  106. Cristal Rodriguez says:

    We have learned about cyberbulling, bloggling saftey, create a website, and flashdrives. I think it is a good thing that I am taking this class because I have learned more about technology, like computers. Now I know what safetey websites to use and how to stay safe online. I think that this class is good for kids because it helps other kids stay safe online! I really like this Technology Class!

  107. michael says:

    The school is the best and its new. The school has good food like pizza thank you for the school bye
    your student michael , Dr.Roads

  108. Jason says:

    I’ve learned how to keap safe on the internet. I learned that there are alot of syber bullies on the web and the coments they make can hurt people pysicaly and emotionaly, they also post videos and photos that do that, too. I also learned how to make a web site.

  109. Lauren says:

    I enjoy haveing a computer class!! It helps us alot to be able to learn about technology! We have learned about the following: Cyberbullying, Edmodo, KidBlog, Phishing, Blogging Saftey, Wiki Spaces, Identity Theif, Blogging, Creating a website, and many more. I like learning about all the tech stuff but Mr.Gordon teaches it in a boreibg and confusing way! Also the blogs we have so many and he isnt the spesift about it.

  110. Jaelyn Gadson says:

    Mr. Gordon is a good teacher he is teching us so much about computers. I like how we got to make a wikispace page. I also like how if we do something wrong he give us a secound chance. He’s also a very respectful person and a nice guy. He should be the techer forever. Remeber, he’s an awesome tech techer

  111. jhabias j says:

    we have learned a lot in tech like cyberbullying,edmodo,kidblog,wikispace,blogging safety,flash drives,creating a website,blog post,cyber safety, and more. I like that we take tech class be cause we will use it in the future. We will need tech all our is a everyday thing to everyone it will be hard with out technology in our life.

  112. kymber says:

    In computer class we have learn a lot these are a few topics. Cyberbullying, phishing, wikispaces, and identify thief.I love the ideal have having this class because I love computers and typing make power points and anything else doing with the computer. I am in the seventh grade hall and hate having to walk across the school to get to my class. I think that we should have our computer class with Mr.Woodoring,but I also think that Mr.Gordon does a wonderful job teaching us what we need to know. I think computer should be a standard because we will most likely end up with a job involving computers.

  113. wendy says:

    So far i think tech is cool! we have done fun stuff like….we have learned how to make a wiki. we haqve also learned how to make a edmodo. we have talked about or made notes about cyber safety, wikispaces, kid blog, identity theft, creating websties phishing, cyber bullying, blogging safty,flash drives. It has been fabulous in tech class so far.

  114. Alexes M. says:

    I think Mr. Gordon is a fun teacher and he’s not boring.
    The best thing we did was creating my own wiki.Mr. Gordon has been fun ever since day1!

  115. Darian says:

    I’ve learned about edmodo,kid blog,cyber bullying,creating files,and wiki space. I think it’s a good thing because it will help me in the future. Example: I might go some where and I can go edit on wiki space.I love technology class and I hope to learn more in this class as the days go by.

  116. Catie says:

    I like technology alot. It is very fun and you learn alot. So far we have learned alot and we have a great teacher. We have learned about Cyberbullying, blogging safety, creating a website, and we have learned how to use flashdrives. We have also been working on kidblog and edmodo. We get to blog with our friends and see stuff about our classes. My favorite thing of all is making my own webpage. I think this class will help me in the future. I love technology.

  117. Madison says:

    We are learning about how to create our own website pages 0n edmodo, kidblog, and wikispaces. I belive that taking this computer tech class at our early age will help us in future to be successful in our jobs or at home. I love working on the computer at home so I think that this class will improve my typing, my researching, and my blogging.

  118. Biviana says:

    We learned a lot of technologya and some of the stuffs that we did was fun. We learned how to create websites, how to use Edmodo, how to use Kidblog, how to use Wikispaces, and how to publish. We learned about cyberbullying and how we can’t cyberbully on Facebook, Myspace, etc. We also talked about how we dont do identity thefts and how we can blog safely.

  119. ♥Breanna♥ says:

    Wow, very nice question Dr. roads well let me answer it for you. I have learned alot from Mr. Gordon. He teaches very clearly and sophisticated
    and is always sharing great information that we will need in the future . I think he sounds like President Obama and kinda looks and acts like him too which i tell him everyday ♥ and yes i love taking computer which i will so very miss next quarter. A short list of things we learned include blogging,cyber safety, identity theft,flash drives and creating websites but that’s not even the list there’s way more that’s to much to list because of Mr. Gordan i feel proud of the simply accomplishments i make and so do my classmates we all agree that computer is not only educational but fun spelled with a capital F we appreciate his dedication in helping us with any questions we have and appreciate that u picked Mr.Gordan to be our computer teacher i hope i answered your question♥ ,Breanna 6th grade

  120. Niklas says:

    I’m enjoying my classes because most of them are fun.

  121. Virginia says:

    I have learned lots in technology class this year. I am in Mr.Gordon’s 2B class. So far we have been learning about cybersafety, Edmodo, Kidblog, and blogging. I think it is very important to become educated in technology because it is our future. We will need to be able to indentify which websites are safe, and which e-mails to open. Technology is amazing and there are sooo many things out there for us to learn about and discover! I can’t wait!!!

  122. Emily says:

    I learned a lot of things like that cyber bulling is rong and if you do it things get very i learned about bloging and wiki spaces

    • dhrhoads says:

      Good job understanding that cyberbullying (and all bullying) is wrong. Bullying hurts and we know we can make a difference by pledging to help ending bullying everywhere.

  123. ariadne says:

    I learned a lot of things in technology classes like cyberbullying,creating a website,wikispaces and a lot more.Yes,it is a good thing I am in computer class because I learn more things on the computer that I did not know anything about.I love technology class.

  124. ryan says:

    Were learning About so many things. I am glad im in this class. I wish to learn about website making more.

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